I'm getting an OAuth Signature Invalid error in JIRA, How do I fix it?


When creating an application link, or using functionality that uses an application link, the applications aren't able to authenticate to each other.

The following appears in the application log:




  • Two applications are connected together using Application Links
  • The authentication method used is OAuth


The Application URL of the link does not match the URL that the remote application is reporting. This can be caused by:

  • The Base URL on the remote application is set to something other than the Application URL defined on the link
  • A reverse proxy or port forwarding is configured, and the "Host" header is reporting the wrong host name or port

In this scenario, the affected applications will usually display other problems as well.


Base URL

  • Ensure the Base URL is correct for each application.

Application URL

  • The Application URL should match the Base URL of the other application, unless you're bypassing a reverse proxy.
  • If the Application URL does not match the Base URL (and you're not bypassing a reverse proxy) then delete and recreate the Application Link.

Reverse Proxy

  • If using a reverse proxy or port forwarding, ensure the application is correctly configured for use with a reverse proxy.


 Source: Confluence Help