API Documentation

POST /users

Creates a user and adds them to an account. The account is determined by the API key.

Resource URL

POST https://api.prodpad.com/v1/users

Post Body


name type required Description
email string Yes Email for the user account. If this is not included a 400 will be returned
role_type string No Role Type can be either ‘Reviewer’, ‘Editor’ or ‘Admin’. Any other value will be converted to ‘Reviewer’. If there aren’t enough ‘Editor’ or ‘Admin’ slots, the role will be set to ‘Reviewer’
name string No User name.
timezone string No Timezone of the user using form like ‘Europe/London’ or ‘America/Los_Angeles’


"role_type" : "Reviewer",
"name" : "Some Persona",
"timezone" : "America/Los_Angeles",


Status: 201 OK
"id": "4",
"username": "someperson",
"display_name": "Some Person",
"email": "some.persona@example.com",
"role_id": "4",
"role_type": "Reviewer"


  • All dates are in UTC
  • If there are not enough available roles in the account, a 403 error will be returned
  • If the email is already being used, a 403 error will be returned
  • If not email is included, a 400 error will be returned