I'm getting an OAuth token error in JIRA, how do I fix it?


When accessing content provided by the other application via an application link, you are prompted to authenticate, even though you have already authenticated in the past.

The following appears in the application log:




  • Two applications are connected together using Application Links
  • The authentication method used is OAuth


The user has established an OAuth authentication token before, however on the remote the token is missing. This can be because of:

  1. The user has manually revoked the OAuth token at the other end
  2. The Application Link OAuth configuration was changed at the other end, triggering all OAuth tokens to be removed

After this warning appears once, the token will be discarded and the user will be prompted to re-authenticate, so besides the inconvenience, this should not cause any further problems. If you use 2-Legged OAuth (2LO) with either an "Execute As" user or impersonation, then you should never encounter this warning.


  • Make sure all application links are revoked properly in JIRA, then start the integration process again in ProdPad, getting a new token. All existing integrations will need to be re-added in order to obtain the new token.


Source: Confluence Help