POST /feedbacks

Creates new feedback in ProdPad.

The data for the feedback needs to be passed as a JSON object within the post body

Resource URL



apikey required If the apikey parameter is missing or incorrect a 401 error will be returned

Post Body


name type required Description
email string No Email of the customer. If present the email address will be used to check if the customer record already exists and if it does the feedback will be added to that customer record. Otherwise a new customer record will be created
name string Yes The name of the customer that provided the feedback
about string No Some details or description about the customer.
feedback string Yes The feedback being provided by the customer.
ideas array of objects No An array of ideas to connect the feedback too. Each object in the array should be {"id":unique id}
tags array of objects No An array of tags to add to the feedback to. Each object in the array should be either {"id": unique id} or {"name":"some tag name"}


   "name" : "Susan Millo",
	"about" : "Currently on a extended trial. Originally a cold call by biz dev",
	"feedback" : "Any chance you guys are working on a Salesforce integration? This is 3rd round of testing and checking tags are created!",
	"tags": [
   		 "id": 19928
   		 "name" : "Hot do this is good!"
	"ideas" : [
        	            "id" : 105777


  • All dates are in UTC
  • The text fields can include HTML markup
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  • Avatar
    Josh Lehr

    Do you have any plans to add an optional field for including a tag for the feedback item? We are creating a custom feedback form within our platform and we would like to automatically tag it depending on where the form was filled out.

  • Avatar
    Angus McDonald

    The Zapier integration for feedback shows that tags are optional fields that can be added - yet this API doesn't support it (and it doesn't work). We have three different products adding feedback and want to separate feedback for different products by tags - will this be enabled soon?