How do I link feedback to an idea?

Linking feedback to ideas allows you to track the idea's customer desire, providing you with better insight as to who's requesting what.

There are a few options available to link feedback to ideas:

Turning feedback into an idea

You can turn feedback into an idea by clicking on "Create as > Create as a new idea" within the feedback itself. 



This will pop out the slider and allow you to fill in the details for the newly idea created. The original feedback will be appended to the idea itself, adding one point for customer desire. 

Linking feedback to an existing idea

You can link feedback to an existing idea by clicking on "Create as > Link to an existing idea" within the feedback itself. 


Every piece of feedback linked to the idea will count as a new point for customer desire.

Linking feedback from within an idea

To link existing feedback from within an idea, go to the idea tab and click on "Add feedback." You will be given the option to add new feedback or link to an existing one.

If you choose to add an existing one, a slider will pop out allowing you to search for the content of the feedback and link it straight in.

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