What are roadmap cards?

A roadmap card is an initiative or project that ties in all of your Product's ideas together. For example, let's say that you have a project that involves improving engagement within a particular Product Line, then "Improve Engagement" could be your roadmap card name, with several ideas attached to it. 


Create a roadmap card

To create a roadmap card, access the roadmap from within the product or by clicking on the Roadmaps pages. 

Click on the "Add a card" button under any of the columns.

Give the card a name and a quick description so all team members know what it's about.

Attach ideas to roadmap cards (via roadmap)

Once the roadmap card is created, you can start linking in ideas by clicking on the specs section. Simply type in the idea name or ID if you know it to attach the idea to the roadmap card. This will allow your team to know what ideas are associated to each project.


Attach ideas to roadmap cards (via idea page)

You can also attach ideas to a roadmap directly from the idea page by selecting a product and a roadmap to associated it to right away. 





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    How do you create a new card in the new version? The old idea option allowed to create a new card, new version only lets me attach it to an existing one.

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    Andrea Saez

    @Michael - if you start typing a new card name it will prompt you to create and add the card to the roadmap