How do I edit a Product?

To view or edit a product's details, click on the 'Product Canvas' button under the product name. 

In the Product Canvas page, you can view all of the product details, a list of the most active related ideas, mockups, and users personas, as well as adding or viewing comments from everyone on your team, and see a list of the latest activity relating to the product.

To make edits, simply start typing in any of the text boxes. All changes are saved in real time.

If an idea is added to a roadmap it will be associated with the product; if there's enough interaction around the idea it will appear in the Top Ideas section of the Product Canvas. Any User Personas and Mockups associated with the Idea will then be associated with the product and will appear in the Product Canvas. User Personas and Mockups added to the Idea after it has been added to the product will retroactively be associated with the product.

Learn more about working with the Product Canvas.