Other Integrations

Chrome Extension

If you aren't currently logged in to ProdPad, you can use the Chrome Extension to quickly create an idea or customer feedback no matter where you are. 

This handy tool will allow you to add ideas to ProdPad from any page you have open in the Google Chrome browser.

To install the Chrome Extension:

  • Head to the Chrome Web Store and click 'Add to Chrome'
  • Generate your API key: Go to https://app.prodpad.com/me/apikeys or within ProdPad, head to your Profile Settings by clicking on the arrow next to your name in the top-right corner. 
    • Go to the API Key tab.
    • You can copy the API key, or if you don’t have one yet, simply click 'Generate API key'
  • Open up the newly installed ProdPad Chrome Extension in the top-right corner of your browser, and paste the API key into it.

You can now use the ProdPad Chrome Extension on any page that you're browsing on, without even needing to log in. The Chrome Extension works almost exactly like your quick-add slide out for Ideas and Feedback in the ProdPad app. You can add the Title, Description, Business Case and attributes for Ideas, and add contact details, feedback, attachments and attributes for Customer Feedback. Only product roadmap cards and new contact company info cannot be added, yet!



  • Avatar
    Angus McDonald

    It would be even better if I could decide whether I was capturing an Idea or Feedback as sometimes I want to capture customer feedback from a web forum.

  • Avatar
    Andrea Saez

    Thanks for the feedback, Angus!

  • Avatar
    Aaron Miller

    Love this. It would also be great to have a link to the new Idea (or Feedback per comment above) from within the extension "box" once it's created.

  • Avatar
    Luke Bongiorno

    A similar addin for the Outlook client would be extremely useful. Click the ProdPad button in the ribbon and voila, the email is logged as a Feedback in ProdPad

  • Avatar
    Don Tinneny

    The option to make the "problem being solved" and "value" inputs required fields would be helpful as well - thx.

  • Avatar
    Andrea Saez

    Hey Don! The reason we don't make fields mandatory (other than title OR description) is because we've found that users tend to not fill out a form the more stop gaps we put in them. You could have an internal status called "needs more info" that requires the submitter to enter a problem/value statement, and if it doesn't get done before it turns grey, you archive it. This will let your team know what it takes to get an idea moving!