How do I publish my roadmap?

Roadmaps can be shared with your team as well as your clients, depending on the level of permission each roadmap card has. 

Sharing your roadmap with your team

To share your roadmap with users that already exist within your ProdPad account, simply click on the "Share" button on the top right corner and select available users from the drop-down menu. If you wish to invite someone new to join the account, type in their email and select a permission level to invite them in.

Publishing your roadmap

By clicking on the "Publish" button you'll be able to create a public version of your roadmap.

Using the display options on the left hand side, you can create a customized version. The following options are available:

  • Roadmap display options
    • Diplay Title
    • Display description
  • Card State
    • Collapsed
    • Expanded
    • Detailed (with specs)
  • Card Display Options
    • Display title
    • Display description
    • Display tags
    • Display public/internal state
    • Display objective level
  • Filter by objectives
  • Filter by tags
  • Filter by visibility 
    • All
    • Public
    • Internal

Once you have created a version you are happy with, you have the following publishing options available:

Print to PDF/PNG

Click on Print/Publish to print to PDF or PNG. 

Create a URL/Embed code

For every customizable option that you make to your roadmap, a unique URL will be created. 

To share that URL, simply copy the generate URL created at the top right. To create an embed code, toggle the 'Embed' option.



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    Anthony Sidwell

    Seems out of date, there isn't a 'print to PNG' option available.