How do I assign impact and effort to an Idea?

Assigning impact and effort to an idea helps you understand exactly the amount of work it will require to see through its completion. This can allow you to better prioritize your backlog and adjust your roadmap based on your team's workload. Once these numbers are assigned, you can easily view your priorities via the priorities chart

Setting Impact and Effort scales

We offer you the ability to change the scale based on your team's preference. By default, we start you off with the Planning Poker scale, but feel free to change them around. You won't lose any of your existing Effort or Impact scores - they will simply be re-mapped to the new scale.

To change the scales, head to your Account Settings > Workflows. There are three options available:

Planning Poker Scale (default)
Based on a popular Agile planning exercise, this scale follows the Fibonacci Sequence. As your estimates get bigger, the exact sizing is less precise, and therefore the numbers are further apart.

T-shirt Sizes Scale
Another popular Agile planning exercise, with easy to understand t-shirt sizes representing relative sizes and priorities.

A simple 1 to 10 scale
This scale is linear for simplicity, with 10 representing the highest level of effort or impact.

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