Access & Authentication

Google Apps

It’s easy to get your ProdPad account hooked up with the Google Apps integration, whether you already have an existing account that you want to use Google Apps SSO with, or whether you’re just getting started with a new account.

The Google Apps integration will allow you to use SSO and GoogleDrive so you can easily add files and designs to your ideas.

Add Google Apps to your account


To set up Google SSO to your account, you can do it from one of four ways:

  1. Register a new account using 'Sign up with Google Apps' on the sign up page.
  2. Register an existing account by signing in to your ProdPad account and authenticating Google Apps. ProdPad will then check to match your email address against what was returned by Google and if that matches, will add the Google domain to the account a user is logged into.

    • To do this, go to Account Settings > Security > SSO 

Google Drive

If you only want to use Google Drive and not use SSO, you can authenticate your login when uploading a file. Simply enter your login details for Google when asked, and select choose your files to link them.

Removing the Google Apps SSO Integration

To remove the Google Apps SSO integration, the account admin can navigate to Account Settings > Security> SSO and click on 'remove' on any of the added domains.

Why does Google Apps request read and contact permissions?

If you choose to add Google SSO and access to Drive together, we ask for permissions in order to allow all other users in your account to log in and find their files as well. If you're solely looking to add files, we don't ask for contact information.