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Setting up a Github Integration

If you use Github to manage your development workflow, you can set up a direct integration between ProdPad and Github, Zenhub and Zube.

The integration allows you to push ideas or individual user stories to Github, once you've completed fleshing out your product specs in ProdPad.

Getting the integration with Github set up is easy, and just requires you to follow these steps:

Part 1: Setting up the Github integration in ProdPad
Part 2: Pushing Ideas to Github
Part 3: Get your team on board

Part 1: Setting up the Github integration in ProdPad

To start, log in to ProdPad as an Admin, and head to the Integrations page. 



On the right-hand side of the page, select Github from the list in the available "Add an integration" options.



Name your integration and login to Github to complete the authorization process. 

You will now see a list of all of the projects* within your Github account that you can push ideas to. Select one of the projects by clicking on the name.


(*Note: the list will only show 200 projects. Please get in contact if you have more than 200 projects in Github)

Next select the project item for ideas and user stories (issue or comment) and map accordingly.

Note: When pushing to Github, there are two options: pushing as issues or pushing as issue and comment. Because there are no relationships between issues, ideas/stories will not be connected to each other as they are in ProdPad unless sent as an issue (idea) and comment (story.)

Select which fields from ProdPad you will be sending to each of the fields available to your Github project, as well as the status mapping that will reflect within ProdPad.


Next map the workflow statuses.

We currently map to Github open/closed statuses only.


Click on 'Save Changes' to complete the mapping process.

Your Github integration is now ready to use!

Part 2: Pushing Ideas to Github

Now that you've got an active integration with Github set up, it's time to start pushing finished ideas from ProdPad to Github.

Head to your Ideas List, and pick an idea that's ready for development. In the Idea Canvas page, click on Push to Dev. This will open up a modal window where you can choose to push the Idea via the Github integration you've set up, or any of your other integrations.


You should see the Github integration you just created. 

Once pushed, on the Idea Canvas now, there will be a link to the Github ticket in the 'Links' section, and the ticket in Github will link back to the ProdPad idea.


Part 3: Get your team on board

To make it easy for your team to use the same integration mappings, you can share your integration with your team.

In your Integrations list, toggle the 'Teamwide' on the integration page.




Looking to add multiple projects?

If you wish to setup another project within Github, simply repeat the steps above. You may set up as many integrations as you like - and as long as they're the same account they will only count as one integration.