How do I publish multiple versions of my roadmap?

ProdPad gives you the ability to create multiple versions of your roadmap, so that you can share it with your board, your stakeholders, team, and clients.

The outputs available are PDF, an external link, or an embed code which you can add to any site.


By clicking on the "Publish" button you'll be able to create a public version of your roadmap.

Using the display options on the left hand side, you can create a customized version.

Once you are ready to share a particular version, click on the Publishing Options button at the top right to toggle the slide-out. Here you will find the three outputs available for you to share as needed.

Creating multiple versions

Once you are ready to create a new version, go back to the publish preview and select a new set of filters to create a new version of your roadmap. When ready, once again hit the Publishing Options button to create a share for it.

You can repeat this process several times, creating multiple versions of your roadmap depending on your target audience.

Managing versions

The URL's and embed codes created for each roadmap version you publish will remain in sync with your main roadmap. This means that any time you make a change to your internal roadmap, we will automatically update the published versions as well. No need to republish!