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Azure Devops troubleshooting

Azure DevOps integration isn't showing workflow status'

If Azure Devops isn't returning statuses, it could be due to the template type used.

The Project template must match one of the following:

  • Scrum
  • Agile
  • CMMI

The Microsoft VSO API does not allow fetching of statuses on custom templates, so all projects must be based on one of the above default templates.

Azure DevOps integration is not showing projects

If Azure DevOps isn't returning projects, and you have multiple directories in your DevOps set up, you may not have authorised the integration in the correct directory for your organisation.

To resolve, first delete the integration. Now login to DevOps and check you are signed in to the directory containing your projects.

Once done, return to ProdPad and create the integration again. You should now see your projects, if not try following the steps below.

I re-authorised an integration but it is not pushing to DevOps

You may have re-authorised the integration in the wrong directory for your organisation. To resolve this issue carefully follow the following steps.

1. Go to and go to the second directory you have (take care not to select the one with the projects you want to integrate with).

2. Scroll down on the bottom left there is a section for Manage authorisations.


3. Click on the link for Manage authorization and you will see the ProdPad authorisation with the option to revoke.

4. Click revoke, this will revoke the token for your integrations that have ended up authorised to that directory.This will take up to an hour to come through. 

Once done the integrations affected will show as draft in ProdPad with the authorise button returned, you will then be able to re-authorise, taking care to ensure the correct directory is selected.

You can see the directory DevOps is trying to auth with in the permissions confirmation when authorising the integration. It is also worthwhile making sure you are signed out of the second directory and already signed in to the correct directory before clicking the Authorise button.