API Documentation

POST /companies

Creates a new company in ProdPad for an account. The account is determined by the API key.

The data for the company needs to be passed as a JSON object within the post body.

Resource URL

POST https://api.prodpad.com/v1/companies

Post Body


name type required Description
name string Yes The name of the company
city string No The city you want to tag with company with
country string No The country you want to tag the company with. Note this must be ISO Alpha-2 company code
size string No Size of the company. The available sizes are 1_10, 11_50, 50_250, 250_500, 500_1000, 1000_5000, 5000_10000, 10000. If a size other than the ones in the list are used a 400 error will be returned
value string No The value of the company to your company. The available values are "high", "medium" and "low". If a value is used other than these three a 400 error will be returned.
tags array of objects No An array of tags to associate to the company. Each object in the array should be either {"id": unique id} or {"name":"some tag name"}. That names/id can be retrieved from GET /tags endpoint
externallinks array of objects No An array of links to associate to the company. Each object in the array needs to have a name and a url field like this {"title":"CRM profile","url":"http://www.salesforce.com/ID"}


POST body

Response Body


  • All dates are in UTC
  • The text fields can include HTML markup