Customer Feedback Tools

The ProdPad Customer Feedback Tools allow you to create a place for your users to submit feedback and send in their own suggestions. Track and analyze customer desire and make sure you're building all the right stuff.

Working with the Customer Feedback Tools

The Customer Feedback tools are made up of two instances: the portal and a simple form.

These tools allow you to gather feedback from your clients, automatically importing all feedback collected to your ProdPad account's Customer Feedback tab.


The Customer Feedback Portal is the place to collect feedback from your customers. 

The top of the portal is a simple form, while the bottom of the portal allows you to make ideas public so that you can gather specific feedback about solutions you are considering.


The form is a minified version of the portal in a way. It's a very simple app with a form that you can install on your site or product to start collection feedback from your users.



Customization is available, allowing you to brand and personalize your portal and form to match your company's branding.