Release Notes

New features, fixes, and improvements to the system will be posted here.

Release Update - June 23, 2017


  • Fixed an issue that prevented reviewers from seeing filters. 
  • Persona goals weren't being saved when clicking out.
  • Minor CSS fixes.
  • Publishing the roadmap to PDF would actually print out the slider (oops!)
  • Fixed various typos - Excuse us, we were just super excited to get this out!
  • Authors/owners now show alphabetically.
  • Fixed issue with file counts being out on tabs and file info not showing.
  • Fixed widget cutting off in Safari.
  • Fixed bulk update errors.
  • Fixed moving feedback to unsorted.


  • Unsorted ideas cannot be pushed to dev until moved to the backlog.
  • Added loaders to buttons, adding a bit of pizzaz. 
  • New permissions outlined here