Working with the ideas list

The ideas list is a collection of all ideas in your account, sorted in three tabs: 

  • Unsorted are all of those ideas that have yet to be reviewed or actioned. Generally these are categorized as 'New ideas.'
  • Backlog are all of those ideas that you have already looked at and made edits/changes to. We generally recommend creating a stage called "In review" or "In validation" to indicate the idea has been looked at and is no longer a 'New idea' waiting to be sorted.
  • Archived are all of those ideas that you have decided to remove from your Unsorted or Backlog views. We generally recommend creating statuses to indicate why, such as "Duplicate," "Not doing," or "Failed experiment," for example. 

Each tab has three subviews: 

  • List - This view shows your backlog in a list form. You can very quickly view important meta information such as tags, team votes, impact, and effort. 
  • Chart - This view shows you the priority chart.
  • Workflow - This view shows you all ideas in a kanban board view, so you can quickly move ideas through your workflow.

For all views, you can sort through your ideas by applying filters. Applying filters will have an impact on all three subviews, for easy visibility.

You can also manage your List Settings to decide the level of visibility on each list tab.


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    Ellen Sartorius

    I'm trying to figure out how to search the ideas backlog to see if my idea has already been submitted by anyone. Otherwise my submitting the same idea is duplication of effort. Can't find a "search" backlog function.

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    Peter Goodall

    @ellen There is a search icon in the top right. It is a very light grey, so perhaps you've missed it. Also, (in case you haven't seen this yet) ProdPad now suggests potentially duplicate Ideas as you enter your Idea.

  • Avatar
    Ellen Sartorius

    Thanks, Peter - I didn't see either the previous time, but see them both now. Appreciate the response.