Release Notes

New features, fixes, and improvements to the system will be posted here.

Release Update - Feb 14, 2017


  • Fixed issue that caused the cursor to reset to the beginning of the field. 
  • No more guessing if you're online or offline! We've fixed the banner that said you were offline even after connection was re-established. 
  • User mentions now link to user profile.
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple checkboxes to be selected in the integration mapping.



  • Product switcher is back! 
  • Public/shared roadmaps are now mobile friendly. 
  • Idea titles on list no longer show redundant ID in the title. Because you don't need to see the ID twice, right?
  • Improved styling for personas.
  • Added autofocus on certain actions for improved UX.
  • We're keeping things tidy and removed redundant spaces across the app.
  • User avatar style improvements, so you can look really good lookin' for your entire team.
  • Trial state now shows '+N' tags/pins across all actions that extend the trial.