18-10-23 Release Update


  • Revision History is now officially available to everyone!
  • Roadmap cards are editable on portfolio and product line views
  • Intercom help for all users
  • Triaging is now available again for ideas on roadmap cards (We hope this makes your devs happy, Topher!)
  • Users can now click directly to an idea from the roadmap via the lightbulb icon
  • Archived ideas and feedback are indicated more clearly and are now editable
  • Workflow stage for user stories are now shown on the cards and external roadmaps


  • Roadmap completed card is now showing a date / description again
  • Customer Feedback Portal now shows selected colors in preview
  • Roadmap slideout was a bit click happy, and no longer closes unexpectedly.
  • When removing a card from a product, only the actual thing you removed is removed (as you'd expect!)
  • Minor help copy improvements
  • All skin tones available for voting via Slack
  • Mapping for workflow stages in VSTS. Thanks, Microsoft.
Release Version 4.57
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