18-10-11 Release Update


  • Ctrl/cmd+click now opens ideas in new tabs on ideas list!
  • Clicking on ideas in the pipeline on the roadmap card slide out opens them in a new tab automatically.


  • When you map to an integration, the "user story" checkbox now says "description" as it does when you create the user story.
  • The ideas in the ideas pipeline list on the roadmap card slide out are now all rendered in the list without restriction / pagination.
  • If a user is on a trial, the trial banner no longer pushes the headers for the idea pipeline on the roadmap card slide-out out of alignment. 
  • Roadmap column titles now full width, now that we have removed the add a card buttons.
  • @ mentions now fall back to user initials if no avatar image is present.
  • 404 pages added to relevant locations throughout the app. Trick or treat? Go for a hunt!

Release 4.55

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