18-10-04 Release Update


  • Workflow status is back!!! You can now see the workflow status of your ideas on roadmap cards
  • Roadmap cards are now clickable from the idea canvas attributes panel
  • A warning now appears if a roadmap slideout has unsaved changes
  • We've added the ability to drag and drop ideas and user stories onto your roadmap from the slideout
  • Tidy up of publishing / sharing option across products, product line and portfolios
  • When you add a roadmap card with filters enabled that don't match the roadmap card, the new roadmap card will still display
  • Minor illustration improvements


  • Roadmap slideout now has persistence between tabs
  • Reviewers can no longer publish roadmaps
  • Completed column results textarea is now editable with a WYSIWYG
  • Completed column results no longer overlap
  • Minor roadmap slideout bugs
  • Ideas are now removed from roadmap cards when removed from the product
  • Fix to GET /customers API response to no longer return companies that no longer exist
  • Fix for GET /contacts?feedback 500 response
  • External Roadmap's now display HTML symbols correctly
Release 4.53
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