18-09-18 Release Update


  • Unlinking ideas from feedback on hover has now been removed to a separate bulk-action button
  • File attachments now support smaller screens
  • Checkboxes have now been realigned
  • Ideas list settings are now consistently aligned
  • Contrast on priority charts text has been improved
  • Emails are no longer sent when there is no activity


  • CFP widget no longer obscured
  • CRM link titles now show when created via API
  • Comment boxes no longer displaced in an odd fashion. Now it's in a cool fashion.
  • Loading tips now vertically aligned correctly
  • Design popups x is no longer hidden
  • FireFox design icons are no longer stretched over design


  • Revision log is now live!
  • New users added to beta testing
  • Related feedback now persists when selected
  • Detection for similar ideas/feedback no longer case sensitive
  • Capitalised 'related ideas' on slider

Release Version 4.48

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