18-05-22 Release Update

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the logic of the auto-follow so that you don't automatically re-follow an item when you edit/comment on it if you have previously manually un-followed the item.
  • It's now possible to hide the Company Title in the Customer Feedback Portal
  • Offline fix for audit log
  • Users can now add external links in the quick-add feedback slideout


  • New view for how files are displayed
  • Added file support for uploading Google files, .key, .sketch and .json.
  • Designs are now ordered from newest to oldest
  • Google Drive and Dropbox files are now uploaded as links to Designs
  • You can now directly link to your Marvel, Invision, Sketch and more designs in ProdPad 🙌
  • When pushing ideas with designs and files that are linked, these are added as external links to the ticket in the 3rd party application (yay!)

v. Release 4.26

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