18-01-19 Release Update


  • Remove product name from product roadmaps as its duplicated on admin screen. 
  • Copy improvements.
  • Untitled state for content names
  • 404s pages set up for missing ideas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • We now show the number of specs shown and UX improved on roadmap cards
  • Removed your own name from the sharing list - cause you don't really need to share with yourself do you?
  • Hidden link to existing feedback option if no feedback exists. Duh.
  • Dashboard fix for hyphenated names. This one's for you AJ! 
  • Owner/author bulk edit in alphabetical order. That clean UX though amirite?
  • Customer feedback list defaults to the descending sort order, so you can view all your new stuff first.
  • Suggested inputs will now reset when you clear the current input.
  • When linking to a card, we now show the Current term first. Yes, yes we heard you Matt!
  • Proper error display for uploads that go beyond the upload limit.
  • Mnior typos.
  • Update to SSO login buttons to reflect branding.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now delete contacts and companies when in a filtered mode
  • Navigation persistence issues on roadmap
  • You can now edit comments on archived content
  • Show/Hide filters are no longer inverted on roadmap page. Because show is show and hide is hide.
  • Fix to @mention images. Go on, take a selfie.
  • Persistence in feedback list view state when deleting an item
  • Collaboration dots now reflect correct colours
  • Deleting a product from a product line now actually deletes!


Release V4.0

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