17-12-07 Release Update

Today's release is in honor of our developer Danielle, who took the time to bug bash right before her birthday.

New and Improved 

  • General helpful UX improvements for reviewers, like making things not look editable that aren't.
  • Unifying "Feedback Channel" naming.
  • General copy updates.


  • File preview image is back. 
  • Personas avatar fixed for text editor.
  • Collaboration avatar fixed for smaller viewports.
  • Title height cutting off issue fix on roadmap cards.
  • Missing import button possible fix smaller desktops.
  • Can now drag workflow cards into the column next to it at any point.
  • A bunch of IE11 fixes including:
    • Fix to latest navigation colours
    • Showing and hiding filters layout fix
    • Styling of file icons

Happy Birthday, Danielle! šŸ°

Release V 3.39

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