17-11-03 System Maintenance

When: November 3, 2017
Time: 6am-7am GMT // 11pm-12am PST // 2am-3am EST.

(Check your timezone here!)

We'll be upgrading our database as we strengthen our security and encryption services, and downtime of up to one hour is expected.

During the downtime, you may be able to continue on working! If you're already logged in before we begin the migration, you'll be able to carry on working within ProdPad but your changes won’t be saved to the database until the migration is complete. Once the migration is complete, all of your work will sync and your data will be saved. If you're not logged in when the migration starts, you simply won't be able to get in until we're done.

Sorry about the disruption, but remember kids, safety first! Thanks for understanding, and see you on the other side ✌🏻


Status: Complete. 






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