17-10-05 Release Update


Major rewrite of user interface module to single file vue components. But what does this mean, you ask?

We squashed a lot of bugs and made alerts and dialogs more stable. 🙌🏻

As part of the improvements, the following items were tackled:

  • Autofocus cursor into the first field of slide-outs, allowing you to start typing right away.
  • Auto-focus enabled when editing comments.
  • Pushing Ideas and User stories now has a more helpful empty integration state.
  • Moving roadmap cards back from completed/candidates columns has been improved.
  • Add idea slide-out flow now matches Idea canvas flow.
  • Add feedback slide-out flow now matches Feedback canvas flow.
  • Idea attributes slide-out flow now matches Idea canvas flow.
  • Feedback attributes slide-out flow now matches Feedback canvas flow


  • You can now toggle between slide-outs as you click on them on the main navigation.
  • Quick Add Idea & Feedback form now validates inputs properly.
  • View idea link on notification went rogue on us again, so we've whipped it back into shape.
  • Offline alert no longer prominent (don't worry, we know you're not offline!)
  • IE11 Image preview popup work as if you were in Chrome.
  • Cursor no longer resetting itself when typing titles.
  • Redirects when reviewers try to access URLs they shouldn't.
  • Removing a user from an account properly logs them out immediately.
  • Fixed images not showing for Persona print preview.
  • Publishing a roadmap no longer says "portfolio" in the title if just a product roadmap.
  • Ideas and user stories can now be dragged to a roadmap card that doesn't have existing ideas or user stories associated.
  • Spellchecker now turned on for rich text fields.
  • We now display name within the app when user profile is empty.
  • Fixed issue with some feedback not showing on idea canvas.
  • Fixed issue when creating cards with filters enabled.
  • User details now properly imported when upload a feedback CSV.
  • Various SAML fixes.
  • Free accounts no longer expire, because why would they, they're free!


Release Version 3.30

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