17-08-29 Release Update

Big improvements with this release!

General Core Improvements

  • Subscription and plan capability has been revamped to reduce complexity and make it easier to extend with new package capabilities.
  • UI makeover - we've further decoupled the business logic from the UI, giving the application a modest performance increase and reduced memory footprint. 
  • Filters have been revamped to boost performance and squash various bugs.
  • State management has been updated, improving performance and reducing complexity of the code

Feature Improvements

  • Create & add for various selectors has been moved to the end of the list to reduce the number of accidentally created items. No more duplicate tags!
  • Subscription slider has been improved to show error messages more effectively and make it clearer what will happen when changing from legacy package to a new package. General styling improvements have also been made to the subscription slider.
  • Restrictions on company profiles for various packages has been cleared up.
  • Triage has been revamped to be more triagy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Breadcrumb navigation has been updated to return you to the list you came from
  • Pickup company registration again if you have to break before submitting the company creation form
  • Conflict resolution has arrived - after final testing conflict resolution is here! If there is a conflict between versions of idea fields you'll see the conflict resolution UI allowing you pick which version to use or modify a version to apply. YAY! 🎉
  • Feedback, contacts and companies can now be filtered by contact job role.
  • Ideas and feedback can now be filtered by "no tag."
  • Pagination is now a URL parameter - breadcrumb navigation and browser back button will now drop you to the page you came from
  • Nice new, file upload progress indicator.

Bug Fixes

  • Reviewers and editors no longer see the "extend" trial button for expired trials.
  • Bulk download of files works - note: you'll have to tell the browser to allow bulk download of files from ProdPad
  • Entering external links for a user story now saves the title and URL properly.
  • Claimed domain now works as expected on the registration page. If the person enters an email with a domain that matches a claimed domain, an appropriate message is shown encouraging them to join the existing company. Additionally, Google and SAML related domains now show similar appropriate messaging on the registration page if the email domain matches a Google or SAML domain.
  • It is now possible to go from trial to free without entering credit card details. Because why would you need to give us your details for no money?
  • Annotation of the designs now correctly positions the annotation boxes when the image is smaller than the standard page size.
  • Line breaks no longer possible (even pasted) in titles and name fields.
  • Downgrading now properly messages when downgrading to account that doesn't support slack integration
  • Weird Firefox styling on slider has been fixed.
  • Previously removed users can be invited again.
  • Designs are now assigned the filename as the design name instead of the date/time of the upload
  • Users can no longer change their own role or delete themselves when admin *cough* (or any role for that matter.)
  • Removing users from you account now properly forces them out.
  • Invoice and billing detail links now show for admins who didn't originally subscribe.
  • Reviewers can now export ideas.
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