17-04-11 Release Update


  • Updates made to Mentions (#, $, @) functionality in Rich Text Editors.
  • Roadmap Cards now only default to the title 'New Roadmap Card' when no title is set on creation.
  • Copy improved for error popup when an error occurs from a user trying to reset their password.
  • Users can now no longer pick duplicate Products and Personas in slide outs.
  • Minor CSS fixes.
  • Persona export canvas now shows persona avatar.
  • Mockup export canvas now shows linked IDEA ID.
  • No default title is set on roadmaps automatically, causing less frustration.


Updates to roles and reviewer access including:

  • Limiting reviewer access on idea canvas, including changing stage and priority scoring.
  • Allowing users to copy and paste from ideas.
  • Preventing editors from subscribing or updating subscription options.
  • Allowing reviewers to export feedback, ideas, and personas.




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