17-04-04 Release Update


  • Fixed an issue that prevented alternate emails from confirming.
  • Objectives colours appeared in the wrong order when applying it to a roadmap card.
  • Default objectives now show properly when filtering.
  • You no longer have to click out and click in again in inputs to select a new option (applies to tags, personas, products, feedback, etc)
  • Tag filter options now list in alphabetical order.
  • The same tag can no longer be added more than once to an Idea or Feedback. Why would you want to, really?
  • Title and Description fields on idea canvases now update correctly when on triage mode.
  • Product title now displays correctly in Product Overview.
  • Fixed issue where roadmap cards and feedback items were not rendering for IE11 users. 
  • Page no longer jumps when clicking filters.
  • Roadmap cards now highlight properly when selecting product/card in canvas.
  • Blank product names now selectable in Product Switcher.


  • Product Canvas now more clearly states section contents with title adjustments to 'Top Designs' and 'Top Personas'.
  • Users on Free subscriptions while in trial period can now clearly sign up for a 7 day trial or paid subscription.
  • Minor Firefox styling fixes.
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