17-03-28 Release Update


  • Fixed an issue on the trial dashboard allowing products to be added without entering a name.
  • Fixed an issue that would truncate long titles when on triaging mode only.
  • Subscribe buttons are now disabled when users are offline. 
  • Autofocus fixes to Froala editor.
  • Fixed issues with Zapier integration not passing through data properly.

New & Improved

  • When removing a user, they're automatically logged out of the app. Duh.
  • Updates to user roles now change correctly. 
  • *Drum roll* ... Quick-add ideas is back! And because we love you, we also added Quick-Add customer feedback!
  • Help actions have been moved to bottom right corner in a help-style widget.
  • When accepting an invite to an account, logged in users are no longer told that the invite has expired. 


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