17-02-28 Release Update


  • Fixed an issue that hid notifications behind the update and trial bars. Silly.
  • Product names and idea titles no longer strictly strip out special characters. This one's for you, Juha!
  • Title wrapping on persona name.
  • Shortcodes working again (including @, #, and $'s)
  • Candidate column sorting has been fixed.
  • Updates to prevent any fallout after Cloudflare data leak. We were not directly affected, but it's better to be safe!


  • Minor style improvements, because it's the little things that count.
  • Signup/login section now have animated dots - welcome to 2017! 
  • Text input component (non-RTE) has been refactored and improved.
  • Updates to HTML editor: better Word and Excel copy-paste support.


  • Order/sorting added to ideas list.
  •  API users can now fetch ideas by project id
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