17-02-21 Release Update


  • Fixed idea triaging navigation.
  • Ability to rename designs has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with invites. Now get your team onboard!
  • More cursor issues fixed. Silly cursor.
  • Sharing pages no longer adds an extra / in the URL.
  • Fixed CSV file import. 
  • Fixed up funny filtering in Safari and IE. 
  • Several Google domain fixes. 


  • Idea chart links render faster.
  • When an idea is mention in a piece of feedback, it is automatically added as a linked idea. Magic.
  • Notification when creating idea now shows link to idea.
  • Improvements to invites. 
  • Small copy adjustments to subscription model. 
  • Customer lists sorted alphabetically. 
  • Uploading images now show thumbnail immediately. Swoosh.


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