17-02-07 Release Update


  • Integration mapping now saved correctly.
  • No more roadmap card jumble. 
  • User Story navigation fixed. 
  • Saved filters on idea page fixed.
  • New 404 pages, for when you make an oopsie.  
  • Fixed search. Again. For good this time, we promise. Unless Liz finds another issue, in which case, blame it on her. 
  • Product canvas no longer shows duplicate ideas. 


  • Persistent states are back! Navigate away, and your previous saved filters will always remain. 
  • Enhancements for smaller screens.
  • Updates to text editor, including image uploads and toolbar.
  • Minor visual improvement of roadmap cards. Don't worry, they're still pretty as always.
  • Improvements to input fields.
  • You can now directly follow and unfollow an idea from the idea canvas page.


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