17-01-30 Release Update


  • Reordering roadmap cards when the roadmap is filtered is now more sensible.
  • Fixed problem with deleting customers and customer feedback.
  • Fixed a missing error message when trying to downgrade certain packages.
  • That pesky comment placeholder no longer disappears on hover never to return.
  • Fixed missing custom invite messages - falsy is not truthy
  • Fixed the speed of print generation on Chrome - swift! ⚡️
  • Adding files and designs from Google Drive now works as expected. 


  • Removed a redundant dot on the designs tab on the idea canvas - you already know it is link so why tell you again amirite?
  • We now auto-focus on search, add idea and add feedback sliders - saving you some previous seconds (and a click)
  • Dropdown lists for products, personas, tags, authors and owners now sorted alphabetically.
  • Role changes now happen within the client without a log out and login - you can taketh the power and give it away.
  • Publish roadmap options available within a slider.
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