17-01-25 Release Update

  • Deleting a customer no longer removes feedback from your cached version
  • Comment box now clears after entering a comment
  • External links field now clears after entering a link
  • Fixed missing image in drag/drop for files
  • Fixed validation of the company URL field
  • Customer list is now properly paginated
  • Reviewers can now add designs/files to the ideas that they are creator, owner or author of
  • Fixed notifications being hidden by trial bar
  • Card title can now be hidden when exporting a roadmap 
  • Focus goes to the email field when the invite slider is opened
  • Company switcher is now available
  • When clicking on roadmaps the highlighted main nav remains on roadmaps
  • Improved the look of the file picker in IE Edge
  • Reduce the chance of loosing entering idea if you accidentally click out of the slider during input
  • Various style improvements
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