16-11-10 Release Update


  • Fixes to Zapier API.
  • Fixed issue with Slack bot not reacting to votes.
  • Fixed an issue that affected teamwide integrations from showing for some users.
  • Removed unnecessary validation of emails when creating customers in API.


  • Creating a Slack integration now automatically supports SSO with Slack
  • Added new trigger to Zapier: New Feedback. This will poll ProdPad for new feedback and allow you to trigger an action in a 3rd party application.


Improvements to API:

1. GET /feedbacks by default returns list of feedback un-grouped by customers.

2. New parameter group_by added to GET /feedbacks to group by customer

3. GET /feedbacks, GET /ideas, GET /userstories now includes size & page parameters

4. Tags can be created or added to feedback when using POST /feedbacks

6. Ideas can be linked to a new feedback created using POST /feedbacks

7. Tags can be created or added to an idea when using POST /ideas

8. New endpoint GET /search to search through ideas, products, feedback and personas

9. New ideas can be set to active (default), active_public to show on the portal and archived using the “state” field when POST /ideas

10. Existing ideas state can be changed to active, active_public or archived using the “state” field using PUT /ideas/:id


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