16-05-12 Release Update


  • New "Domains" tab under Company Settings allows to remove claimed domains or Google SSO integration.
  • Updates to search results page:
    • Change state and stage of idea
    • Bulk edit
    • Export results to CSV and XLS
  • Ideas with filters generate a unique URL (for sharing)
  • JIRA, TFS, Pivotal Tracker, Trello and Rally can map user story statuses.


  • Loader animation for IE users.
  • Items in drop-downs have been ordered alphabetically.
  • User stories in card pipeline have clickable titles that goes to the idea's user stories section.
  • Fix on mockups when mentioning other users.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Safari users to snap around the page.
  • App comes back online when computer returns from hibernation.
  • Style fixes and updates.
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