Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution allows you to confirm which version of a piece of data you wish to keep.

Conflicts are bound to a single user, meaning only the user with the conflicting value will get an option to resolve it. A user may receive multiple conflicts and resolve them one by one.

When is a conflict triggered?

  • If a user is offline and working on an idea at the same time another user online. Once the offline user regains connectivity, they will see a conflict resolution warning.
  • When a user is working offline and goes back online on another device, without having synced and confirmed the changes. 
  • Multiple online users simultaneously updating the same idea.

Fields that trigger conflicts

The following fields will trigger a conflict:

  • Updating an idea title
  • Updating a idea description
  • Updating a idea business cases (value and problem)
  • Updating idea notes
  • Updating idea specs
  • Updating roadmap initiative title 
  • Updating roadmap initiative description
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