Why ProdPad

Building awesome products is really hard work.

You need to have a vision and clear objectives. Your team needs to work together to test and experiment, and to gather feedback and insights, and then prioritize amongst all the things you could do to execute on the right things in order to build a viable business.

While a lot of that seems really strategic, so much gets lost in the little tactical annoyances. Too much time spent shuffling tickets around in your backlog, writing specs that no one ever seems to read, or defending your roadmap from becoming this list of promised dates while still keeping folks informed.

There’s a reason that Product Management is considered one of the most stressful jobs out there! But it doesn’t have to be that way. ProdPad is here to bring so much sense to your working life.

ProdPad as your tool of choice

An important part of implementing a new tool is making sure that everyone understands what the tool is, what key functionality is available and bring everyone on the same page so you can work out how best to apply it to your context.

ProdPad helps your team figure out the right things to build into the product next, based on the company’s high-level vision and the feedback and ideas that are always flying around.

ProdPad focuses on every aspect of a product manager's life, from creating roadmaps, to managing a backlog, communicating and building team transparency, and managing customer feedback.

It’s the only tool that focuses on strategy with lean roadmaps, so you can understand what you’re working on and why it’s important. We also have very powerful backlog management, both for feedback and product ideas.

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