Key Setup Decisions

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Often when implementing ProdPad, it will be tightly connected with a review of your processes, whether it be updating existing ones or implementing new ways of working. This can take time as it often involves bringing together different stakeholders to define and agree on these processes and how you will be using ProdPad to work within these. ProdPad is flexible enough for you to iterate on these processes as you review what works best for you and your teams.

What problem are you trying to solve? 

ProdPad can grow with your team and help solve a lot of problems around product strategy, discovery and managing feedback - start with the key problem you’re trying to solve for your organization and then build in the other areas as required.

Top Tip

To help with your assessment, check out how ProdPad helps teams create better habits

How long does it take to implement ProdPad?

You can get ProdPad setup and start using it straight away. However, the time needed to use it effectively will depend on how frequently you are looking to use the tool and the number and availability of people who need to be involved to complete key implementation activities (e.g. setting up integrations, configuring the account, etc). With that said, most organizations get set up and rolling out to other teams within a few weeks.

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