Collaborating with your team in ProdPad


Communication and collaboration are two essential ingredients when it comes to building amazing products. Increase team participation and engagement by getting your team involved in 3 simple ways!

How to do it


Mentions allows you to tag anyone to a discussion, idea, or design you are working on, allowing you and your team to collaborate.

  1. Go to any field where you have a comment or want to start a discussion.
  2. Click into the comment field and enter your comment.
  3. When asking a question or wanting to include someone in the conversation start by typing "@" and then start typing their name. You will see a selection of options that match the letters you entered.

Keep track of Discussions

Whenever a user is @mentioned or receives an update for a discussion they are part of, a new notification in the Discussions icon on the top navigation will appear:

Anyone can quickly reply to each discussion directly from the slideout, and if needed click on the link on the discussion header to navigate to the originating item.

Share items

Items can be shared within ProdPad and bring attention to a particular area by using the Share option. Sharing is available for roadmaps and ideas. If the person you want to share is not in your account yet, you can invite them on the go!

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