Filter vs Search

There are two ways of finding items in ProdPad - either by filtering or by searching.


Filtering allows you to filter out existing items based on any number of attributes, depending on the module you're currently looking at. Filters also have a filter by text option, which will look through the text within items and help you locate what you're looking for.

  • Initiatives
    The filter by text will look through the initiative title and description.
  • Ideas
    The filter by text will look through the idea title and description.
  • Feedback
    The filter by text will look through the feedback description.
  • Contacts
    The filter by text will look through either first or last name.
  • Company
    The filter by text will look through the company name.

For any of the filter by text field boxes, only one word can be entered to fully match. That is, if you enter two words, the second word will be dropped. Any filter text entered can be combined with any of the filter boxes and even allow you to create custom saved filters.

Our search mechanism is a fuzzy search, that is, will accept multiple words at a time and search through a variety of items, including title, description, and even added files. 

You can also include to search through archived items by toggling the option available. 

If you wish to search for an exact match, you can use quotations to narrow down the search to the exact words you are entering.

By clicking to see more results on the search drop down, you will be taken to a search result page with matching items on ideas, feedback, products, personas, contacts, and companies. Archived items are excluded from this view.

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