Setting up an integration with ZenHub

ZenHub is a task management and collaboration tool built directly into GitHub. 

As ProdPad connects to GitHub directly, and Github connects to ZenHub, a direct workflow can be implemented between all three to support product and agile development.

Step 1: Sync between ProdPad and GitHub

Following the instructions in our GitHub set up guide, map your fields and workflow statuses as needed.

Step 2: Set up ZenHub for GitHub

Set up and link ZenHub to the repos you wish to track for GitHub. All data is automatically synchronized between GitHub and ZenHub, so you will have access to see all of your existing issues.

Step 3: Sync ProdPad + GitHub + ZenHub

Once ProdPad is mapped to GitHub, and GitHub is mapped to ZenHub, the status updates will come through seamlessly.

GitHub and ZenHub have bidirectional status and data updates, while ProdPad will receive the status update directly from GitHub.


Updates between ProdPad and GitHub only come through for statuses open and closed. Once the item is closed in ZenHub, it will be updated as closed in GitHub and therefore in ProdPad.

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