To set up a UserVoice integration with ProdPad, head to the Integrations & API page.

Click on UserVoice on the '+Create Integration' button on the top right.

Give your integration a name, enter the base URL (full https:// URL) and a quick description. You will then be prompted to authenticate your account.

Trigger and Action settings

You'll be asked to assign an action on the UserVoice side, either when a new suggestion is made, or (if you plan on curating the suggestions first), when you change the status of a suggestion in UserVoice to something specific that you decide on.

This will then trigger that change as either an idea or feedback within your ProdPad account.

Common setups:

A) 'New Suggestion' trigger in UserVoice = 'User Feedback' action in ProdPad

B) 'Suggestion Status Change' trigger on the status 'For review' in UserVoice = 'Idea' action in ProdPad.

Setting up in UserVoice

  1. Click on Settings > Integrations
  2. In the Integrations menu click Service Hooks
  3. Click on Web Hook button, in the bottom right corner
  4. Enter ProdPad in the name field (Note: You can use something else here if you prefer!)
  5. Paste the API key from your ProdPad screen into the URL field
  6. Set the Content Type to JSON.
  7. Select either New Suggestion or Suggestion Status Update from the Notifications menu (Note: Choose the one that matches your selection in Step 2 above)
  8. Click Create

Once you save your UserVoice integration settings in, when anything in UserVoice triggers to match your rules, it will create the Idea or User Feedback in ProdPad as per your integration settings.

Status Mapping

If you selected 'Idea' as the status trigger above, is to set your status mapping. This allows you to update the status of the idea in ProdPad which will automatically update back in UserVoice, depending on your rules set here.

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