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The ideas list is a collection of all ideas in your account, sorted in three tabs: 

  • Unsorted are all of those ideas that have yet to be reviewed or actioned. Generally these are categorized as 'New ideas.'
  • Backlog are all of those ideas that you have already looked at and made edits/changes to. We generally recommend creating a stage called "In review" or "In validation" to indicate the idea has been looked at and is no longer a 'New idea' waiting to be sorted.
  • Archived are all of those ideas that you have decided to remove from your Unsorted or Backlog views. We generally recommend creating statuses to indicate why, such as "Duplicate," "Not doing," or "Failed experiment," for example. 

We generally recommend pairing up your workflows with the specific lists, that way you can highlight what it takes to get an idea from 'New Idea' in the unsorted list (while it still requires validation) all the way through to implementation. 

There are two ways of moving an idea between the available lists:

From the Ideas List

Select the ideas you wish to move and you will see an inline contextual menu show up.

Click on the current state to show the dropdown menu, and select the one you wish to move it to.

Selecting the ideas you wish to move

From the idea view

You can also change the idea stage from the idea itself by clicking on the current stage button at the top right, then selecting the new one.

Changing the idea stage from the idea itself

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