ProdPad encourages discussions for all users throughout the application.

Whenever you are mentioned or receive an update for a discussion you are part of, you will receive a new notification in the Discussions icon on the top navigation.

By clicking on the notification icon, you will have access to all threads you are part of.

Quickly reply to each discussion directly from the slideout, and if needed click on the link on the discussion header to navigate to the originating item. 

Managing Discussions

You can identify who sent the last reply and who's read the thread from the discussion slideout.

The reply arrow lets you know that you sent a reply, but no one has read your update yet.


The profile picture to the left of the discussion lets you know who started the discussion, while the small pictures to the right of the text indicate who read the last reply.

Discussion Settings

If you'd like some quiet time to yourself and want to mute notifications, you can use the Mute option to ensure notifications are held back for a set timeframe. If you'd like to keep in-app notifications and turn off emails, you can do so directly from the Settings page.

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