Activity Notifications

Activity notifications allow you to keep track of all activity within your account. 

When a new activity is available for review, it will be highlighted under the Activity icon at the top right of the navigation.

Notifications showing on the activity icon

Unread activity will be highlighted with a light blue gradient, while previously read activity will be marked as read with no color overlay. Clicking on any of the links will take you directly to the item page.

Notification and activity details

Managing Notifications

You can manage which types of notifications you wish to be alerted about directly on the Settings page, which you can access directly at the top of the slideout. Alternatively, you can also turn off, follow, or mute the stream on the go by clicking on the menu next to the notification type. 

Managing notifications and activity by clicking on the menu

Within the Settings page itself, you'll have access to toggle your notification types, including setting Do Not Disturb mode for some quiet time! You may toggle the options on and off as needed. 

Notification options

In-app and Email Notifications

You have the option to receive in-app notifications only or receive a copy via email if necessary. If you'd like to be alerted via email only when you're not in the app, you can adjust your settings accordingly.

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