March 2024 Release Update

March 5th

New Features

  • New Idea will now display as a filter for the Workflow Status. 🪄

March 12th

New Features

  • Users are now able to add monetary values to the company value field. 💰
  • We have linked the Accessibility Statement to the Profile settings page. ✅

March 14th

New Features

  • The Feedback Canvas has a new look and feel! We have also updated the Feedback state names to better accurately represent how you manage Feedback:

➡️ Unsorted > Inbox

➡️ Backlog > Reviewed

➡️ Archived is unchanged

  • We’ve also removed feature flagging from side peek - when you open linked resources a side peek will be available on the right-hand side of your screen, making it easier to jump between and edit linked Roadmap Initiatives and Ideas, and linked Ideas and Feedback. ✨ 
  • We have removed the Phone Number field and updated the copy on the Signup page. 🖋️
  • :lower_left_fountain_pen:Placeholders for description and acceptance criteria fields have been updated. 🧼
  • March 19th

    New Features

    • We have rolled out our new Salesforce integration! You can find out more here! ✨ 
    • We have tweaked the visibility for the Customer Feedback Portal and Roadmap Publishing tools. Roadmap Publishing can now be found on the Roadmaps page by clicking the new Published Roadmaps option, and the Customer Feedback Portal can now be accessed directly from the Settings menu. 👀
    • We have reduced the product tile size on the Product Portfolio to make navigating between products easier. 🧭
    • We have updated the core feature table on our pricing page. 💲

    March 21st

    New Features

    • All references to Azure AD have now been renamed to Mircosoft Entra.
    • We have added "Company Value" to the Salesforce integration. 

    Bug Fixes

    • We have fixed an issue where Reviweres were unable to view Key Result status update notes.
    • We have fixed an issue where a random number was displayed on the Product file page.
    • A component on the Dashboard has been renamed from "Unsorted feedback to review" to "View Feedback Inbox". 
    • We have fixed an issue that was affecting pushing Ideas and User Stories to Trello. You can now push Ideas and User Stories to Trello, together or separately. 

    March 26th

    New Features

    • We have added the below fields to the public API Initiative endpoints:
      • UUID
      • target outcomes
      • effort/impact
      • created_at
      • updated_at
      • completed_result
      • completed_date

    Bug Fixes

    • We have fixed an issue where links to Initiatives in Slack messages and emails were resulting in a 404 error message. 
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